Vitamins & Supplements

We carry a wide variety of natural herbs, homeopathic remedies, vitamins and supplements.

A few of the many brands you will find at GEM (Green Earth Marketplace) are: Boiron, Solgar, Mary Ruth's, Now, Guna, Country Life, Bluebonnet, Natural Factors, Nature's Plus, Host Defense.

Essential Oils

Quality is key for us, and essential oils are no exception. You will find many pure products in our essential oil offering.

Our two main essential oil brands are:

Now and Young Living

Household Products

Being as eco-friendly as possible is important to us. We carry earth friendly products that you can feel good about using.

Whether you are looking for cleaning products from local company Earthy Edith's, eco-friendly paper products, or earth friendly drain cleaner; we can help.

Personal Care Items

You will find a great selection of personal care items including Dr. Bronner's soaps, SeaLand Skin Care, Annmarie Skin Care, Sacred Earth Botanicals, Mad Hippie, Jungle Man just to name a few!

Food & Drinks

We offer healthy bulk foods, vegan and vegetarian options, gluten-free foods, fresh dairy products,  juices, CBD water and many other options.

We Happily Support Local Businesses!

Below are just a few of the local businesses we are happy to be able to offer to you!

website Funny Farms Apiary

Local Raw Honey and Bee Pollen from Funny Farm Apiary

Stop by to get your local, raw honey and bee pollen that is sourced from nearby Mertztown, PA! Funny Farm's honey is extracted on site in Berks County. It is always raw and unpasteurized. When extracted, their honey is run through a stainless steel screen to separate the honey and any large particles of wax and bees, but does not remove pollen. Their honey is a pure and wholesome product full of nature's beneficial pollens, wax, propolis, minerals and enzymes.

website heirloom acre farm

Local Creamed Honey from Heirloom Acre Farm

So many delicious flavors to choose from it will be hard to decide which one to take home with you! You can choose from Orange, Lemon, Ginger, Cinnamon and Chocolate! Good luck deciding!

website kleins

Local Dairy Products from Klein Farms

Klein Farms Dairy in Easton, PA is a family run business that is now in its third generation of farmers. Stop in for some fresh sMOOgurts, cheeses, raw milk and more!

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 9.44.13 AM

Local Vegan Products from Fresh Tofu

Fresh Tofu Inc. is an Allentown based company that has been supplying the East Coast with organic tofu and other fine soybean products since 1984. All of their products are vegan and no preservatives are ever used in their processing. They are dedicated to the idea that "Fresher is better." Try some of their products today and put a little "Freshness" in your diet.

website sealand

Local Skin Care Products by SeaLand Cosmetics

SeaLand Cosmetics Company was founded by local chemist, Noha Hakim. Their skin care and hair products combine unique blends of natural, vegan ingredients. One of the ingredients is Dead Sea Salt, known for its high content of minerals. All products are made in the USA!

2019 4 30 Earthy Ediths

Local Cleaning Products by Earthy Edith's

Earthy Edith's is a Lehigh Valley based company that believes in saying no to toxic chemicals in your home. All of their handmade cleaning products are designed to keep your home clean and your family safe from harsh chemicals. Your home can sparkle, with no toxic residues left behind!